23 July 2012

Next Year (Updated)

BLOG-O-RAMA 2013 will be held
Saturday, July 27
starting at 09:00 EDT

Please see BLOG-O-RAMA's homepage for all info and updates.
See you next year.
(If you have a religious conflict, be sure to reply to the homepage and other arrangements can be made.)

22 July 2012

49 :: The End

I want to first thank my sponsors.
I will honor my pledge as well.
Another event comes to a close,
but stay tuned for info about next year.

Thank you again and good night, for now.
Peace to you!

48 :: This Day

I hope today turns out better than yesterday.
I hope that trend continues into the future.
I am not optimistic that it will.
I suppose I can just hope.

47 :: Squirrel

As I was leaving the bathroom I glanced outside. I spotted a grey squirrel taking a bit of a rest on a branch of the rather large Oak tree in my backyard. It just sprang to it's feet when I got near the window, but I saw that it looked as though it was hugging the tree branch. It was laying flat out on it's belly with all 4 legs sprawled out and it's chin was resting on the branch as well.

46 :: Sunrise

I do not get a chance to watch the sun rise, or watch as we rotate around to greet the sun again. It really is a sight; the lifting of a veil revealing a world much busier that I thought. The birds and squirrels have already begun the almost ritual like dance.

45 :: Time

Time sure seems to fly.
I am almost done,
the goal is in site.
I am sure glad I was able to continue.

44 :: Buddha Statue

[Photo of a Buddha, from upper chest to almost top of the head, with a picture frame in the background.]

This is a Buddha in my room. The unrecognizable people in the frame are my Great Grandparents from Sicily.