23 July 2012

Next Year (Updated)

BLOG-O-RAMA 2013 will be held
Saturday, July 27
starting at 09:00 EDT

Please see BLOG-O-RAMA's homepage for all info and updates.
See you next year.
(If you have a religious conflict, be sure to reply to the homepage and other arrangements can be made.)

22 July 2012

49 :: The End

I want to first thank my sponsors.
I will honor my pledge as well.
Another event comes to a close,
but stay tuned for info about next year.

Thank you again and good night, for now.
Peace to you!

48 :: This Day

I hope today turns out better than yesterday.
I hope that trend continues into the future.
I am not optimistic that it will.
I suppose I can just hope.

47 :: Squirrel

As I was leaving the bathroom I glanced outside. I spotted a grey squirrel taking a bit of a rest on a branch of the rather large Oak tree in my backyard. It just sprang to it's feet when I got near the window, but I saw that it looked as though it was hugging the tree branch. It was laying flat out on it's belly with all 4 legs sprawled out and it's chin was resting on the branch as well.

46 :: Sunrise

I do not get a chance to watch the sun rise, or watch as we rotate around to greet the sun again. It really is a sight; the lifting of a veil revealing a world much busier that I thought. The birds and squirrels have already begun the almost ritual like dance.

45 :: Time

Time sure seems to fly.
I am almost done,
the goal is in site.
I am sure glad I was able to continue.

44 :: Buddha Statue

[Photo of a Buddha, from upper chest to almost top of the head, with a picture frame in the background.]

This is a Buddha in my room. The unrecognizable people in the frame are my Great Grandparents from Sicily.

43 :: Another Oil Painting

[Photo of a section of an abstract oil painting.]

I painted this based on a still life, for its form, sometime late 1996 (I think).

42 :: Oil Painting

[Photo is of a section of an oil painting showing a stone bridge with two arches, a railing and muddy water under it. There are also bits of vegetation growing on the side of the bridge and what appears to be grass and a bush behind the bridge.]

I painted this in the summer of 2003 or 2004 in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY.

41 :: Classical Tibetan Texts

[Photo of 4 book spines to display the titles.]

These are the 4 Tibetan Buddhist philosophy books I am working with.  Two versions relate directly to 2 Classical Tibetan texts I am working on learning (in English and Classical Tibetan).

The books are (for those of you who may not see a photo):

Guy Newland's The Two Truths
Jeffery Hopkins's Tsong-kha-pa's Final Exposition of Wisdom
Daniel Cozort and Craig Preston's Buddhist Philosophy
Daniel Perdue's Debate in Tibetan Buddhism

40 :: Self-Portrait

[Photo of a guy sitting in front of very full bookcases with a grey T-shirt, black glasses and short buzz cut.]

I do have a lot of books thanks mainly to used book sales.

39 :: Miniature Farm Animals

[Photo is of miniature plastic farm animals.]

I cannot have the whole farm experience right now.
Slightly more seriously, I wanted to animate these figures, but I have not yet done so.

38 :: Action Figures

[Photo is of dusty "action figures" and DVDS in the background]

I did mention some goofy photos.

37 :: Still Awake

Well, I cannot seem to rest just yet.
I was take some goofy photos, which I will start posting.

Now that I wrote that I am starting to yawn.
And  am still hungry.
I suppose that is a good sign.

My cat Rocky is awake too and staring at me.
I have the white glowing rectangle on my lap.
He hates my laptop.
He would wake up anytime it is on my lap.

He passed me to go eat.

36 :: Power Nap

I think I need a power nap or 2 to be able to make it during the most difficult time, from 05:00 - 08:00. I have done this for the last 2 years because I set an alarm regardless. Most of the time I do not sleep much.

35 :: Cicada

[Photo is of a Tibicen Cicada still drying on a large burdock leaf.]

I was outside photographing another Tibicen cicada who had molted and was drying on a solar light. I was following bees while they were in the burdock flowers (thistle) and I happened to look down and see this cicada.

34 :: Hungry

I am finally feeling hungry, but I am afraid to eat anything too complicated. I have tried to manage with pita bread and juice, but I feel like I should have something a little more. I just do not want to feel sick again, not after coming this far on this journey.

I have a feeling I felt the way I did because of the antibiotics I have been on for the last 3 weeks. I skipped today.

33 :: Raccoons

Last year there were 3 families of raccoons that had litters at different times. Just by looking you could tell who went with who, at least for the kits (the babies). This year there is only one family with 2 kits. I was hoping more made it, but perhaps they moved on. They eat the rest of the bird seed and corn left (unless none is left, then I put out a little for them) from the day time. They also drink from the various water stations and usually the water is all dumped out by morning --- sometimes it it muddy and maybe even a footprint on the bottom is still visible.

32 :: Cats

My cats in particular have very distinct individual personalities. Right now one is a big lump on the couch sleeping. Earlier he was running around like he was mad --- up and down the hallway at top speed to a flying leap onto the moulding around one of the doorways in the hall. I think he thinks the moulding is a tree. At the same time the little one was rolling on her back, back and forth, at my feet. When she heard birds on TV she stopped to watch. All of a sudden she had a burst of energy and leaped to her feet and ran to some unknown destination and back again, but only once, announcing her return. Both of them have learned that if you are not paying attention to them when they appear at your feet, they will be sure to "knock". They tap their paw on your feet or ankle.

31 :: Paranoia

This is getting to the point in the event when I start getting a little paranoid that I missed a post. I double if not triple check the times to make sure I did post something in the correct portion of the half hour.  It will be worse when I start to get tired in a few hours. I set my iPod alarm to remind me of the time and reset it fro the next post --- very helpful if I do fall asleep.

21 July 2012

30 :: Pine Tree

[Photo is of a pine tree sapling about an inch or so tall, next to a yellow plastic tent peg marking the tree's location. Acorn caps, twigs and dried leaves make up the majourity of the ground cover.]

I found this little tree growing in one of the stand alone flower beds. I am not sure what type of pine it will be as there are several varieties in the adjacent vicinity.

29 :: Seeds

The tomato plants from a few posts ago were grown from seeds from my Grandfather. I was unable to get any plants ready for planting this year. This year I decided to save seeds and start all my own seedlings to transplant outside later. I suppose it was because I could not find any vegetable plants from local nurseries when I was able to plant. I missed out on the yellow tomato plants, but found yellow tomatoes at the grocery store. I bought 3 to save the seeds. I plan to do the same with zucchini, yellow squash and whatever I can. Then I will buy seeds from those I cannot, like lettuce, and learn how to get the seeds.

28 :: Movies

Like I said last post, DIRECTV has some free programming (because of the now resolved week or so long channel dispute with Viacom), encore movie channels to be precise. So, I have been able to DVR movies I have not seen yet and have been able to enjoy ones I have seen but may or may not have on DVD.

Newly watched movies include Toy Story 3 (2010), Steamboy (2004) and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010). I recorded, but have not watched yet, Taxi Driver (1976) and About Schmidt (2002). Hopefully there will be a few more.

27 :: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"

One of my guilty pleasures that I do not think I have mentioned is that I love the movie Dirty Dancing (1987). I have this thing with some movies (I am sure I am not alone on this one either) that I can watch them over and over, sometimes back to back, and I never get sick of them. This is definitely one of those.

Another one is Ghostbusters (1984), which is on right now --- thanks to free programming from DIRECTV.

26 :: Sunflower

[Photo is of a young sunflower, a few inches tall, growing next to  green thin bamboo support pole.]

I put 5 seeds in the ground and they all sprouted. I hope they all grow as tall as I am hoping they will. I will save some seeds for next year and let the birds, chipmunks and squirrels have the rest.

from 2012 July 15

25 :: Repeats

I have a feeling that I have posted similar photos over the years of doing this event. I does not bother me in any way, just that I do not want to seem unoriginal. I photograph the things I like and sometimes this is the same subject matter over the years.

24 :: Baby

[Photo is of a baby rabbit sitting next to a row of Yucca plants.]

This little one has been hanging out in my yard with some of its relatives. They eat the corn I leave for the birds and squirrels.

from 2012 July 14

23 :: American Goldfinches

[Photo of 3 male and 1 female American Goldfinches. Two males are in mid flight, one on each side of a triple tube style bird feeder (only 2 tubes of seed are visible). One male and the female (in that order) are sitting on separate perches next to each other eating.]

These are regulars that eat at one of my feeders in the yard.

from 2012 July 11

22 :: The Visitor

I looked out the window and what did I see,
the orange kitty sitting like a loaf in the front yard.
I watched it,
it watched me,
but then its attention was swayed away.
I remembered that I saw a little mouse,
scurrying here and there not too far from where the cat sat.
Then I understood,
without much more than unlocking the door,
the kitty understood me.

21 :: Dinner

I have not figured what to eat.

Rice would be nice.
A roll that is whole?
A berry would be merry.

20 :: Juice

I had some very tasty and organic strawberry lemonade. I think part of the problem earlier was my blood sugar dropped too low. I had some of the same juice before I showered too. This brand of juice (from Wegmans, a local grocery store) is a new store brand which also comes in raspberry lemonade, lemonade, limeade (which I do not like) and then there are tea versions, which I have not tried.

For the record my favourite juice is orange juice with no pulp.

19 :: Resting

[Photo is a guy in an orange shirt lying in bed on his side with a cat, both are covered with a blanket. There are filled bookshelves, corners of some artwork on the wall and a row of stuffed animals from Kung Fu Panda and Dr. Seuss.]

I was resting earlier before I felt really bad and Rocky found me and decided he had to rest with me. When I started to get cold I got my デスノート (Death Note) blanket and covered us both up. Yes, I have stuffed animals and am wearing a shirt that is not black or grey. It is weird to see a photo of myself without my glasses on.

Rocky was looking at my camera bag wondering if he could fit. He would try even though he would not get much more than his head in, but I did not let him try.

18 :: Little Better

Ok, so I feel a little better and I am going to eat something.
I hope I do not have to stop.

17 :: Sick

I am not sure I can continue today. I have progressively felt worse and worse all day so far. I thought I was feeling a little nauseous because I did not eat much, but I now think this is something else. In 7 years of doing this event, this has never happened. I do not know if it is food poisoning, because I did eat new foods yesterday that I never had before. It could be a stomach bug. If I cannot continue today I will pick up right where I left off as soon as I feel better. I am going to take a shower and see if that helps.

16 :: Squeaky

[Photo shows most of a cat laying on the carpet on her side with paws together and furry belly exposed. There is a toy mouse under her belly fur mostly hidden and her ear is resting on a electrical cord (which is not even plugged in) and her back is almost touching the foot stool.]

15 :: Echinacea purpurea

[Photo is of an Echinacea purpurea, a.k.a. a purple cone flower which has not full bloomed yet.]

I have a few Echinacea plants growing in the flower beds this year. New plants had to be bought when the old ones were pulled out because someone else thought they were weeds. This is why I maintain the flower beds now. I hope to get more seeds from these flowers this year to then plant for next year.

14 :: The Very Micro Farm

[Photo is of a plot of land with (unfortunately) a few tomato plants on the left and 5 sunflower plants (near the thin poles inside the fence) on the right being watered by a yellow oscillating sprinkler. In the background are Rose of Sharon flowering (left) and fairly dense woods (right). In the foreground on the left is a weather station to measure temperature (the longer tube), rainfall (the shorter tube) and wind direction (the spinning black cones near the top).]

13 :: The Sandwich

[Photo is of wheat bread pita folded in half with red roasted pepper hummus, brown spicy mustard and 3 large leaves of green lettuce, all sitting on a white paper plate with a little of the goofy placemat peaking through on the wooden table. This view was chosen to show that there was more than a mass amount of lettuce leaves inside.]

12 :: Eating Lunch

I am sitting at the table on the porch next to sliding glass doors with both hands on my sandwich (have no idea if the cats were in it, as per last post) and I out of my peripheral vision I see a grey squirrel. Just before I take a bite I realize the squirrel is also eating and we are sitting in nearly identical positions have our lunch. I thought it was funny, especially since the squirrel was watching too.

11 :: Food

I realized I had not eaten since sometime earlier, than I normally do.
So I made a sandwich, but have yet to eat it.
Hopefully one of the cats is not eating it as it is currently sitting unattended to.

10 :: Comments

I have another sponsor, but I am not sure if I can use her name (yet).

I was alerted to a feature that I was not fully aware of --- visual verifications on comments. Most of the time I use them so I know there is a human typing to me, but I did not know that not all of them do not have an audio feature. So, from now on I have disabled visual verifications and will just monitor all comments. I have received wacky and nasty comments in the past and I do not want them being left on any of my blogs if I happen to miss one (which has happened).

09 :: Respect

I think everyone needs to take a moment and think about the world around them. If you are not treating everyone with the same amount equality and respect, then why not? We are all Human Beings are we not? Religion may say one thing or another, but if your religion tells you to discriminate and you follow it, did you ever stop to think what you are actually doing? If you do not want to be treated like you treat others, then treat people the way you want to be treated. Maybe there are some people out there that wants to be treated in a discriminatory, hateful fashion, but I have not found one yet.

Please respect others.

08 :: Water

Well, I have not been able to water anything else because I have been dealing with a very stubborn sprinkler. I have had to go back outside 2 or 3 times to fix the oscillating or should I say non-oscillating oscillating sprinkler. It gets stuck almost always on the same side.

It is not just the plants and wildlife that needs water in the hot summer months (or anytime for that matter). Humans and their companions (of any species) need to drink enough water everyday. Not enough people have fresh drinking water. Please take a moment to see what you can do to help those, no matter what species, have enough fresh water to drink.

07 :: First Sponsor

My Mom is my first sponsor. Way to go Mom! (It is not too late to sponsor me).

Now to go water all my plants and water stations for my wildlife friends. Remember to empty your water stations, a.k.a. bird baths, everyday and fill with fresh water. I even put ice cubes in or replace the water again when it is too hot outside.

06 :: Why

Why go through the trouble of making sure to post every half hour, because it is important to help other people no matter what your situation may be.

Make sure to check out the Tibetan Nuns Project!

05 :: Theme

So I have been thinking about a theme for this year's event and I think it is going to simply be, "Today". Normally I have an elaborate plan, but I am already tired (not a great thing) and I am just going to go with it. I am documenting my day and will start posting images soon.

04 :: Emptiness




[echoes into emptiness]

I know this is a difficult task to ask for anyone, but if this was easy, everyone would do this.

03 :: Frustration

I sometimes think I am completely bonkers since this is the second year I have ran my charity blogging event by myself and been the ONLY participant. Yeah, really! What is it going to take to get this event noticed? I cannot be the only Human Being with an Internet connection willing to give 24 consecutive hours for someone else. Can I?

02 :: Words of Advice

Since I am probably not quite awake yet, I will say only this:

Be kind to every other sentient being, even if they have wronged you.

01 :: Sponsors

Normally I write my first post in praise of my sponsors, but since I so far do not have any, this praise is in vain. I plan to make a donation above my normal monthly sponsorship of a Tibetan nun, solely because it is the correct thing to do.

Peace to you.

16 July 2012

Year 7 Charity

I will once again be blogging for the Tibetan Nuns Project.

"The Tibetan Nuns Project was founded over two decades ago to provide education and humanitarian aid to refugee nuns from Tibet and Himalayan regions of India. The Project provides facilities and programs to educate, empower, and improve the status of ordained Tibetan women.
The Tibetan Nuns Project is dedicated to:
  • Improving standards of food, sanitation, medical care, and education in Tibetan nunneries
  • Working towards future self-sufficiency through educational and training opportunities
  • Training nuns to take leadership and service roles within their communities
  • Improving the level and status of ordained Buddhist women
  • Assisting recently arrived refugee nuns from Tibet
  • Continuing to establish further facilities for Buddhist nuns
  • Through our sponsorship program, funded by sponsors from around the world, we currently support over 700 Tibetan nuns living in north India. To learn more, click here.
The Tibetan Nuns Project was established under the auspices of the Tibetan Women's Association and the Department of Religion and Culture of H.H. the Dalai Lama."
- from the Tibetan Nuns Project