23 July 2012

Next Year (Updated)

BLOG-O-RAMA 2013 will be held
Saturday, July 27
starting at 09:00 EDT

Please see BLOG-O-RAMA's homepage for all info and updates.
See you next year.
(If you have a religious conflict, be sure to reply to the homepage and other arrangements can be made.)

22 July 2012

49 :: The End

I want to first thank my sponsors.
I will honor my pledge as well.
Another event comes to a close,
but stay tuned for info about next year.

Thank you again and good night, for now.
Peace to you!

48 :: This Day

I hope today turns out better than yesterday.
I hope that trend continues into the future.
I am not optimistic that it will.
I suppose I can just hope.

47 :: Squirrel

As I was leaving the bathroom I glanced outside. I spotted a grey squirrel taking a bit of a rest on a branch of the rather large Oak tree in my backyard. It just sprang to it's feet when I got near the window, but I saw that it looked as though it was hugging the tree branch. It was laying flat out on it's belly with all 4 legs sprawled out and it's chin was resting on the branch as well.

46 :: Sunrise

I do not get a chance to watch the sun rise, or watch as we rotate around to greet the sun again. It really is a sight; the lifting of a veil revealing a world much busier that I thought. The birds and squirrels have already begun the almost ritual like dance.

45 :: Time

Time sure seems to fly.
I am almost done,
the goal is in site.
I am sure glad I was able to continue.

44 :: Buddha Statue

[Photo of a Buddha, from upper chest to almost top of the head, with a picture frame in the background.]

This is a Buddha in my room. The unrecognizable people in the frame are my Great Grandparents from Sicily.

43 :: Another Oil Painting

[Photo of a section of an abstract oil painting.]

I painted this based on a still life, for its form, sometime late 1996 (I think).

42 :: Oil Painting

[Photo is of a section of an oil painting showing a stone bridge with two arches, a railing and muddy water under it. There are also bits of vegetation growing on the side of the bridge and what appears to be grass and a bush behind the bridge.]

I painted this in the summer of 2003 or 2004 in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY.

41 :: Classical Tibetan Texts

[Photo of 4 book spines to display the titles.]

These are the 4 Tibetan Buddhist philosophy books I am working with.  Two versions relate directly to 2 Classical Tibetan texts I am working on learning (in English and Classical Tibetan).

The books are (for those of you who may not see a photo):

Guy Newland's The Two Truths
Jeffery Hopkins's Tsong-kha-pa's Final Exposition of Wisdom
Daniel Cozort and Craig Preston's Buddhist Philosophy
Daniel Perdue's Debate in Tibetan Buddhism

40 :: Self-Portrait

[Photo of a guy sitting in front of very full bookcases with a grey T-shirt, black glasses and short buzz cut.]

I do have a lot of books thanks mainly to used book sales.

39 :: Miniature Farm Animals

[Photo is of miniature plastic farm animals.]

I cannot have the whole farm experience right now.
Slightly more seriously, I wanted to animate these figures, but I have not yet done so.

38 :: Action Figures

[Photo is of dusty "action figures" and DVDS in the background]

I did mention some goofy photos.

37 :: Still Awake

Well, I cannot seem to rest just yet.
I was take some goofy photos, which I will start posting.

Now that I wrote that I am starting to yawn.
And  am still hungry.
I suppose that is a good sign.

My cat Rocky is awake too and staring at me.
I have the white glowing rectangle on my lap.
He hates my laptop.
He would wake up anytime it is on my lap.

He passed me to go eat.

36 :: Power Nap

I think I need a power nap or 2 to be able to make it during the most difficult time, from 05:00 - 08:00. I have done this for the last 2 years because I set an alarm regardless. Most of the time I do not sleep much.

35 :: Cicada

[Photo is of a Tibicen Cicada still drying on a large burdock leaf.]

I was outside photographing another Tibicen cicada who had molted and was drying on a solar light. I was following bees while they were in the burdock flowers (thistle) and I happened to look down and see this cicada.

34 :: Hungry

I am finally feeling hungry, but I am afraid to eat anything too complicated. I have tried to manage with pita bread and juice, but I feel like I should have something a little more. I just do not want to feel sick again, not after coming this far on this journey.

I have a feeling I felt the way I did because of the antibiotics I have been on for the last 3 weeks. I skipped today.

33 :: Raccoons

Last year there were 3 families of raccoons that had litters at different times. Just by looking you could tell who went with who, at least for the kits (the babies). This year there is only one family with 2 kits. I was hoping more made it, but perhaps they moved on. They eat the rest of the bird seed and corn left (unless none is left, then I put out a little for them) from the day time. They also drink from the various water stations and usually the water is all dumped out by morning --- sometimes it it muddy and maybe even a footprint on the bottom is still visible.

32 :: Cats

My cats in particular have very distinct individual personalities. Right now one is a big lump on the couch sleeping. Earlier he was running around like he was mad --- up and down the hallway at top speed to a flying leap onto the moulding around one of the doorways in the hall. I think he thinks the moulding is a tree. At the same time the little one was rolling on her back, back and forth, at my feet. When she heard birds on TV she stopped to watch. All of a sudden she had a burst of energy and leaped to her feet and ran to some unknown destination and back again, but only once, announcing her return. Both of them have learned that if you are not paying attention to them when they appear at your feet, they will be sure to "knock". They tap their paw on your feet or ankle.

31 :: Paranoia

This is getting to the point in the event when I start getting a little paranoid that I missed a post. I double if not triple check the times to make sure I did post something in the correct portion of the half hour.  It will be worse when I start to get tired in a few hours. I set my iPod alarm to remind me of the time and reset it fro the next post --- very helpful if I do fall asleep.